About Us

My name is Elvin Rivera & my partner is Mr. Edward Kim, together we started Propah-Phernalia in November of 2018. Slowly testing the market and doing our research. Did you know crystals and crystal healing are very powerful?

Our goal was to have our brand in all the new high end dispensaries, head shops, and crystal/mystical stores. So that the reach of crystal healing can be worldwide.

So, we embarked on a journey. We are both from Los Angeles, CA and so we begun in San Diego and traveled north to continue growth... along the way meeting with all the major retailers and started placing our brand in their stores. So Cal to Nor Cal to Vegas & Florida -  Fast Forward to Summer 2019 we are now in over 100 retail places and selling successfully online on our website. 

The industry shifted and many places got shut down and/or the market had a little downtime. We took this opportunity to really embrace our brand and strategically come out of it successful. We decided we would create the first packaging for a pipe. Something no one ever had done before. We launched the packaging together with our gold engraved crystal pieces, and then we started getting contacted by big name brands here in Los Angeles. Slowly but surely we have been growing and expanding. As of April 2020, Propahphernalia, is a Crystal/Gemstone Online Head shops/Crystal Shop. We have partnered with 2 other companies to bring you a crystal cove with a little stoner side. Our goal is to heal and help heal people who already like crystals or are looking into them. If you smoke cannabis, then Inhaling N' Healing is right for you!

Come Join Us as We Heal the Earth Together through Mediation, Medicating, Spreading Love!